#AttractYoung venue: AREA Science Park | Padriciano Campus | Padriciano, 99 | Congress Centre (C Building), Trieste, Italy

AREA Science Park

Accomodation: Center Hotel, Basovizza (Please do not contact the hotel directly.)

Elettra tour: Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste, Basovizza

Check the schedule.


How to arrive

  • From the Trieste downtown/railway station

There are regular city service buses (N. 51 and N. 39) that travel from Trieste central railway station to AREA Science Park Padriciano and to the village of Basovizza (Center Hotel and Lipa Dependance), about 10 km far from downtown Trieste. The bus stop can be found in Piazza della Libertà, the square facing the station. Tickets are €1.35 (one way) and can be bought at the newspaper kiosk or at the automatic ticket machine. It takes about 25-30 min. to reach destination. Timetables:

  • From the Trieste Airport

There is a direct connection by the Airport-Bus Line E51 from the airport to the railway station in the center of Trieste (50’). Tickets (about € 4.50) can be purchased in the arrivals hall of the passenger terminal and the ride takes approx.

Moreover there is a new direct connection by train (30’) from the airport to the railway station in the center of Trieste. Tickets from € 4.00 to € 15:00.. (

From the railway station to Padriciano or to Basovizza (hotels), see above “from the Trieste downtown/railway station”.

There are also private shuttle services operated by GoOpti or Science Bus (direct service also to Padriciano and to Basovizza). Booking needs to be made on-line in advance:  or

Taxi are rather pricey, about €65.

  • From the Venice Airport

Venice Marco Polo International Airport is located at about 120Km from Trieste. The connection with Trieste is by train, by Science Bus or GoOpti (see above). Trains can take from 1h30 to more than 2h00, depending on the train type (fast or local trains). Train tickets must be validated before boarding the trains to avoid incurring a fine. Fast trains have mandatory seats reservations. Train tickets are about 15 Euro each way (

  • From the Treviso Airport

The connection to Trieste is possible by train, via Venice – Mestre train stations, by Science Bus or GoOpti (see above).

  • From the Ljubljana Airport (Slovenia)

This airport is located at about 120Km from Trieste. Public transportation to Trieste (Italy) is almost absent. The most straightforward connection are the private shuttle services run by GoOpti or Science Bus.