Final Pitch Presentations


Topic: access to culture, misinformation and fake news.

Solution: development of an algorithm helping to assess information accuracy and truthfulness, and to what extent the source of information is reliable.


Topic: environment, safety, food.

Solution: design of a circular economy ecosystem for food production and biodegradable vegetable packaging.

CCD – Connecting Culture Delegates

Topic: Cultural integration, bullying.

Solution: a device that would allow a bullier to feel what the one he is intimidating is currently feeling.

DDT– Disease Detector and Treatment

Topic: cancer treatment.

Solution: develop a detector detecting and treating lung cancer which is accessible to all (even to third world countries) because it is cheap and user-friendly.


Topic: environmental monitoring.

Solution: detector to be installed on streetlamps to create a map showing noise peaks in order to deviate them.

Leaf the Light

Topic: alternative energies.

Solution: power collection from living water plants. A fully sustainable form of energy.

The Silencers (WINNERS)

Topic: alternative energies.

Solution: development of panels transforming noise energy into electricity with noise isolation.


Topic: anti-personnel mines.

Solution: development of an anti-personnel mine detection system in both cities and rural areas. The system is based on genetically modified flowers, trained bees and drones.

Nova Mobilitas

Topic: mobility.

Solution: model connecting all private and public transport systems in a city to optimise traffic flows and reduce costs creating a database to design smart cities.


Topic: water pollution.

Solution: development of an autonomous underwater drone detecting the concentrationof 3 groups of commonly-used antibiotics (penicillin, SDM and tetracycline) causing water pollution and fish plague.

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