How to Apply?

Just visit the submit-your-idea page and follow the instructions.

You might consider preparing the following two points before your submission as they will appear in application form (see also ‘Motivation Reading’ below):

  1. Personal statement of why you want to join a cross-disciplinary team (what you expect to bring into it and get from it) – max 300 words.
  2. Describe a challenge you are interested to work on solving during the hackathon (poverty, integration, health, sustainable mobility, social isolation, …). Include three keywords to describe the challenge. Describe in what way(s) you think you could contribute towards developing new approaches or tools to address the challenge – max 300 words.

Useful Hints When Framing the Challenge

  • Select an issue you have extensive experience in and are passionate to solve. You’ll be in a key position when it comes to problem-related knowledge and in driving the team forward.
  • Take a human centric approach – who is experiencing this problem and how is it affecting people globally or locally?
  • Avoid being too broad or too narrow regarding the scope. “How might we make a tea mug 5% lighter by using carbon nanotubes” is too limiting framing where as “How might we revolutionise how liquids are consumed” is too ambiguous.
  • Frame the problem you are working on as an open-ended question starting with “How might we…?”
  • Add inspiring links or quotes or other information sources describing the issue. What is happening around this problem?

Am I Qualified to Apply?

We are looking for young individuals with a burning desire to solve – or contribute to solving – major societal challenge(s) that threaten our well-being in the future, using detection and imaging technologies. These technologies need not yet exist. We are encouraging young Europeans to apply, in particular in the Adriatic region. If you are currently working towards your BSc or MSc-degrees or you are a young professional in the fields ranging from physics, engineering, medicine to design&arts and social sciences (e.g. economics, anthropology, psychology etc.) you are most welcome to apply.

We expect you to be 18-to-30 something, but more than age, we are counting on the applicants being open-minded, collaborative, fluent in English and driven to solve societal challenges. We look forward to receiving applications from all genders and cultural background.

The best applicants will be selected to join the hackathon in Trieste, Italy.


Purpose of the Hackathon

The purpose of the #AttractYoung Hackathon is to produce new ideas that address societal needs. Unlike the previous three Trends, Wishes and Dreams  (TWD) Symposia, this event differs in two major aspects:

  • First, it is experience or user-driven: instead of starting with a new technology addressing future scientific or industrial challenges in detection and imaging, the current workshop starts with societal challenges that need to be addressed – or better – solved, by 2025, relying on detection and imaging technologies, which might not yet even exist.
  • Second, the targeted participants are students, who are not necessarily yet familiar with detection and imaging technologies. The expected outcome of the hackathon is a developed list of societal challenges that could fall within the funding scope of ATTRACT.